Business Needs

  • To create a tool to assist in development of pricing models for various products and markets

Key Features

  • Linked to the production Datawarehouse for import of policies for rate development
  • Upload of policies parameters from multiple sources like xls and csv.
  • Iterative process for rate development ; Impact analysis for changes in premium due to changes in base tables/ policy parameters
  • Ability to upload multiple set of base tables against which policies can be  scored
  • Interim results calculation to help identify changes at peril level
  • Automated scoring of new business against proposed rates for competitive analysis and identification of niche markets




  • Identification of Niche markets/ customer segments with low risk and high returns
  • Speed to market – Faster rate development and validation

Company Background

A US based insurance company setup by Farm Bureau to assist with innovation and development of niche products and offerings

Offering Categories

By Industry
- Insurance

By Use Case
- Operational Efficiency