Business Needs

  • Downloading of statements from multiple sources in different formats
  • Maintaining audit trail for all inputs used in reconciliation
  • Reconciliation at a plan level on daily basis
  • Flag discrepancies
  • Ability to make manual intervention, if required
  • Auto generation of reconciliation statement for client delivery

Key Features

  • Automated download of 300 plus files from various sources on daily basis
  • Configuration Management: Ability to onboard new clients, update mapping required for standardization and data ingestion
  • Maintaining point in time snapshots for traceback
  • User Worklist: For exception management and work distribution
  • Reports: Control and monitoring reports for reconciliation process status




  • Reduce exposure and risk – Process moved from monthly to daily reconciliation
  • Complete audit trailing
  • Accuracy of reconciliations
  • Reduction of manual effort: 60%+ savings

Company Background

A leading global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk, retirement and health solutions. The company specializes in HR benefits consulting and outsourcing

Offering Categories

By Use Case
- Operational Efficiency

- Data Modernization Advisory