Business Needs

  • Automation of the customer onboarding process
  • Performance measurement to ensure TAT adherence and closures
  • Identification of bottlenecks and process improvement opportunities
  • Technology interventions to reduce human effort

Key Features

  • Digitization of the on-boarding workflow via 3 layers – Data layer, Communication layer and Business layer
  • Process re-engineering and optimization
  • Establishment of measurement system for performance baselining
  • Automation of manual steps for improved productivity and scalability
  • High level graphical representation of complete dashboard for senior management



  • Scalability : Ability to ramp multi-fold without increase in headcount

Company Background

A US based leading data sharing, payments & analytics company providing technology & expertise for retailers, suppliers and distributors to improve transparency and collaboration through data integration, payment transactions and business analytics.

Offering Categories

By Use Case
- Operational Efficiency

- Data Modernization Advisory