• 1.1 Billion people globally live without an officially recognized identity.
  • 11% Americans don’t have a valid government id.
  • Disparate requests for personal documentation for identity proof by municipal agency or service being accessed (ID, Library Card, Sports Team access, Businesses access, Public Transit etc.)
  • Lack of privacy of personal data.

Key Features

  • Bridge off-chain (legacy identities) with decentralized, on-chain identity.
  • Constituent’s personal information remains private
  • Constituents remain in control of their data and authorize access to it
  • City offices review and provide verifiable claims about identity, residence and DOB through uPort. These claims interact with other residents or civic agencies
  • Technology used – uPort, Solidity, Ethereum 3.0 (Metropolis)


  • Personal data privacy
  • Constituent controls access
  • No more tracking 100% of User Id's and passwords
  • Defeat 3rd parties monetizing constituent’s personal data
  • No more identity theft through centralized databases