Tradeday's primary objective was to develop a learning and practice platform that would guide users on how to analyze markets and execute trades effectively. Tradeday offers video lectures, educational documents, and up-to-date market information. Additionally, the platform opens different trading accounts for users to trade in simulated and funded environments.


  1. User evaluations – Tradeday helps users to learn trading and open trading accounts for them. Evaluation helps the user to understand when they are ready for actual trading.
  2. Limited skills development - Traditional education may not provide learners with the practical skills needed for the job market or personal growth.
  3. Inadequate Feedback Mechanisms- Traders require timely and constructive feedback on their performance to track progress and make necessary improvements.
  4. Lack of user-friendly interface- Traders struggle with complex and unintuitive user interfaces, making it challenging to execute trades quickly and efficiently.
  5. Limited asset coverage- Traders need access to a wider range of assets (stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, commodities) on a single platform, reducing the need for multiple accounts and apps.
  6. Latency and speed - Traders require ultra-low latency and high-speed execution to capitalize on market fluctuations, but current platforms often experience delays.
  7. Security concerns- Security breaches and hacking incidents are a significant concern for traders; there's a need for robust security features to protect assets and personal information.
  8. Multi-Language Support- The application should cater to a global audience by providing support for multiple languages.


Elevondata collaborated with Tradeday to bring their vision to life. Here's an overview of the solution provided:Elevondata collaborated with Tradeday to bring their vision to life. Here's an overview of the solution provided:

  1. Comprehensive platform - Elevondata helped Tradeday to develop a highly versatile platform that can be used in various contexts, including course management, content delivery, progress tracking, user management, discussion forums, personalization, certification and badges, secure, scalable, and lifelong learning. Its flexibility and range of features make it a powerful tool for delivering effective and engaging learning experiences.
  2. Stepwise learning platform, where users can join different types of programs and practice trading in various types of markets in simulated accounts.
  3. User performance dashboard - Elevondata developed a very informative dashboard where users can track their progress.
  4. Scalable solution – from its initial days as a startup to the exponential growth that Tradeday has witnessed, it was imperative to develop a very scalable solution that can grow was the user base expands while maintaining its cost-effectiveness.
  5. Simulated trading environment – this facilitates practice environment for traders. Elevondata integrated a third-party service that provides simulated trading using fake currency. This allowed users to gain hands-on experience without risking real money.
  6. Resilient system – as the platform integrates with various 3rd party, real time brokerages and market data services, it was important to create a resilient system to accommodate instability of these 3rd party systems for seamless user experience.
  7. User profile based evaluation - Elevondata implemented evaluation challenges for different user profiles based on their membership levels. Users who cleared these challenges were offered funding by Tradeday to start real trading with a profit-sharing arrangement. Rule-based backend systems evaluate & update user status and performance automatically in real-time.
  8. Data security & Architecture – Full data encryption
  9. BCP DRP

Technology Used:

  1. GCP App engine
  2. GCP Cloud Function
  3. Cloud Schedulers
  4. Database as a Service
  5. WordPress
  6. Python
  7. Shell scripts


Thanks to Elevondata expertise, Tradeday transformed from a small learning portal into a thriving trading education. practice and trading transactional platform. The architecture's scalability and reliability allow Tradeday to accommodate a significant number of users, with 1000’s of active daily traders. The platform's success demonstrated Elevondata's capability to deliver innovative and robust solutions, meeting Tradeday's objectives effectively.

Company Background

Tradeday is an educational, mentoring, and funding platform for anyone interested in learning how to trade. Tradeday teaches users, how to trade, provide a simulated market to practice, and open a funded trading account for those who pass their evaluation challenge! Tradeday provides professional trading tools, like trader development programs, live market commentary, and institutional-grade research, to give traders the edge they need to succeed in today's markets.

The client approached Elevondata with the vision of creating an innovative platform where users could not only learn about trading but also practice their trading strategies using a simulated environment. They wanted a comprehensive solution that incorporated educational content, analysis tools, and a practice platform with simulated currency.

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