Maintaining a 360-degree view of your products and customers is essential to the modern business.  No matter what channel your customer approaches you from, you need to know what products and services they are currently using, their predicted future preferences, and as much as possible about the social communities and households they belong to. Accomplishing this requires a strong underpinning in Master Data Management and transactional and channel behaviors, with the additional application of Social Media analysis and Big Data techniques.

Core Customer Data Platform

Identify unique customers and households, understand their shared behaviors

Elevondata developed a master data management modernization roadmap for one of the largest retailers in the world in order to allow them to improve inventory tracking across millions of product SKUs.

Call Center Optimization

Increase your customer satisfaction

For call centers, we can analyze customer conversations and offer near-real-time feedback on sentiment and topicality as well as zero in on service defects.

Financial Services Omnichannel Marketing

Balance your approach to different Gen X/Y and Baby Boomer needs

Leverage new types of data to streamline investments in branch-based and digital capabilities faster – what do different age groups want? Elevondata combines traditional transaction data with unstructured data - from customer visits to physical and virtual bank locations, from external data such as regional competitor profiles, client social media behaviors, and population demographic data - to enhance analysis.

Business to Business Complexity

Know how to handle reciprocating customer relationships

In many B2B customer relationships, your customer can also be your provider, with a bilateral complexity that has millions of dollars in revenue at stake for both entities; you must understand all the forces that can either maximize or destroy this relationship.

360 Degree Analytics:

Elevondata offers a comprehensive 360 Degree Analytics service, designed to uncover hidden insights and help your business steer towards strategic decisions. We efficiently collate, clean, and analyze vast volumes of data from disparate sources, delivering a holistic view of your business operations, customer behavior, and market trends. Our cutting-edge analytics tools and methodologies illuminate unseen opportunities, pinpoint inefficiencies, and predict future scenarios. This empowers you to make confident, data-informed decisions that enhance profitability, reduce risk, and optimize performance. With Elevondata, illuminate the path to success with full-scale, 360 Degree Analytics.

“We've been able to leverage the expertise of Elevon to support and enhance the value we bring to our customer, and we appreciate the professionalism and promptness of the terrific Elevon team.”

Mark Lopez, COO