Data, Robots, Superheroes: D-AI/ML

By Vin Siegfried
The superhero movie genre has been around for almost a century, but recent popularity can be traced to Superman (1978) with the late Christopher Reeve, with a notable change in 1989 with Tim Burton’s Batman, when the attention to special effects and atmosphere created the visual equivalent of the Comic Book vibe.  Now the latest trend is teams of superheroes battling some archetypal Jungian menace (Avengers:  Age of Ultron) or (now that all the bad guys...

Big Data and The Art of Scientific Interviewing

The article has been featured in written by Manish Soota - VP, Pre-sales & Solutions Setting the right expectations with the candidates and having the right set of analytical platforms would allow any organization to improve its recruitment process. Like me, if you are into soccer, there aren’t many ways to describe how bizarre the current season of English Premier League is. Leicester City, a club that was last year fighting for survival and was in the last place, is...

Analyze Your Data with Open Source Platform

By Nupur Patel
Today enterprises have to be more cautious in making decisions & are interested in tacit information in the form of graphical representation & analytics. The broadening on the Business Intelligence space has definitely offered an advantage. Though, what is often forgotten is any good data analysis tool is as good as how the analyzed data could be represented. This is why I think INTELLIGENCE REPRESENTATION must be the priority for every organization. There are two facets of this...

Is there a place for Data in the DevOps revolution?

By Steve Rycroft
After the American and French Revolutions, the Western world economies began to grow – fast. The first big demand from the burgeoning middle class was for ready-made fabrics fashioned into all types of clothing, bedding, sails for shipping, towels, etc.  Cotton was a versatile material that could satisfy many needs, and it was also comfortable. But production was limited because of the manual processes of the time, until the advent of the cotton gin.  The cotton gin...

The Data Guild

By Vin Siegfried
It is 2:00 AM and the office is dead silent except for the tinny radio in the distance far away down the cubicles, playing the roots reggae of the cleaning crew.  You see the cleaning team almost as often as you see your family these days.  You are sitting there, absolutely refusing to go home until you get to a level of clarity around the performance issue which has crept into a recent Data Lake deliverable.  Your support team is on it and looking but you get the sinking...

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