Either as part of a Managed Analytic Service or as a separate offering, Elevondata can manage your cloud infrastructure for you, maintaining up time and availability, change management, performance tuning, and dynamic management of resources to offer you a lower overall cost of infrastructure. We are AWS and IBM Bluemix partners.

The article has been featured in Timesjobs.com written by Manish Soota - VP, Pre-sales & Solutions

Setting the right expectations with the candidates and having the right set of analytical platforms would allow any organization to improve its recruitment process.

Today enterprises have to be more cautious in making decisions & are interested in tacit information in the form of graphical representation & analytics. The broadening on the Business Intelligence space has definitely offered an advantage. Though, what is often forgotten is any good data analysis tool is as good as how the analyzed data could be represented.

Business Needs

  • Identify top customers and products
  • Improve profitability by patient, referral source, medical equipment

Key Features

  • Ingests data from 3 Hybrid Cloud(s)
  • Activity Based Costing algorithms
  • Telemetry based Analytics (IoT)
  • Managed AWS Cloud optimized for performance and availability at automated cost management


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