Thousands of different types of devices will begin streaming information on their status and therefore the status of your enterprise over the next few years.  Fitbits, Respirators, C-Pap masks, and cars will all come on line and begin to offer you more information on the health of your enterprise.  Elevondata knows how to design and implement architectures which can capture this valuable information in real-time and make your enterprise real-time aware of its customers, its equipment, its heartbeat.

Transform the shopping experience with a connected store

Internet of Things for Retail

The cognitive Internet of Things (IoT) is driving an unprecedented revolution in the retail sector, with 41% of consumers utilizing social media, location-based services, and mobile devices to research and make purchases across various retail channels. By 2023, a substantial 80% of retailers will embrace IoT technologies to monitor customer preferences, enhance inventory management, and provide location-based promotions. IoT empowers retailers to drive operational efficiency with better facilities management to dramatically cut costs and maximize profits. You can also gain a deeper understanding of customers’ digital shopping behaviors to personalize the shopping experience, capture new buyers, establish brand loyalty and increase sales per square foot.

  • Inventory Management: Create a more responsive, efficient and transparent supply chain network to optimize merchandising, reduce product waste while still meeting changing customer demands to drive sales revenue and customer satisfaction
  • Employee Management: Optimizing the workplace, so you can attract and maintain high-quality staff to create a competitive advantage.
  • Customer Experience: By keeping sensors in your store, you can gain insights that help you understand your customers better for more effective marketing and improved conversion rates.
  • Innovation: Create innovative and intelligent services for shoppers with cognitive technologies

Connected vehicles and fleets for a better in-vehicle experience.

Internet of Things for Automotive

Gartner predicts there will be 250 million connected vehicles on the road by 2020.* Automotive companies, telecommunications providers and bold start-ups are developing new revenue streams and loyalty by providing connected apps and services. Many want to deploy new business models aimed at creating new value for consumers the help them navigate their transportation needs. For that reason, new services are being consumed not only in vehicles, but also through smartphone apps remotely by consumers.

  • Improve product quality and safety.
  • Optimize information and movement across fleets.
  • Connect vehicles with drivers for a better in-vehicle experience.
  • Increase vehicle availability through condition-based maintenance.