Elevondata knows how to leverage the massively parallel capabilities of big data platforms to standardize and make sense of your machine, social media, and geospatial data, in a data lake.  We know how to use a big data repository to dramatically reduce the cost of your data warehouse as well.

Data Lake Experience

We can help

Elevondata has designed and built data lake architectures in Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Entertainment, and other industries. We know how to handle complex issues like fine grained security access, DevOps tools integration for Agile development, real time scheduling that can handle issues when everything doesn’t go according to plan, and optimizing your public or private cloud.
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Swiss Army Knife of Data

Many uses for a data lake, because of its inherent flexibility

By virtue of its lack of a core schema requirement to fit data into, a data lake can support multitude of disparate capabilities from traditional data warehouse and business intelligence needs to real time low cost data archiving, machine learning, robotics, unstructured and structured data integration, and many other new innovations that are yet to be discovered.

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Not a Swamp

Don’t let it turn into a Data Swamp

Metadata and organized file structures along with strong data governance can ensure that your data lake stays clean and fresh, so everyone can enjoy it and drink safely from it.

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