Thought of as a mature area of data management, most organizations still are challenged with the duration, cost, and risks associated with developing a common Warehouse repository. Also challenging is the integration of insights derived from Big Data analyses back into the Data Warehouse, to make them available for multiple uses, instead of remaining "stove piped" within a narrow analytic domain. Since Data Warehouses typically have long development and release cycles, keeping up with the speed of business remains a big challenge.  

Data warehouse architecture

Make the right choices in your strategic asset

Elevondata can help you by creating a flexible enterprise data architecture where you can achieve the benefits of a new stream of information while making sure your Data Warehouse remains a valuable information asset.

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Industry Specific Data Warehouse

We have seen a lot, and know what to fix

Elevondata has designed and built data warehouses across multiple industries, as well as done health checks on data warehouse programs in order to suggest remediations.

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Data Warehouse Consulting Expertise

No substitute for experience and knowing what works – eliminate trial and error

We have subject matter knowledge and proven experience in key areas such as model selection, tool selection, processing cycle performance, and degree of normalization.

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