Robotic Process Automation is no longer about the conventional rule based automation of transactional processes mimicking an employee at workplace. Enterprises are exploring for means to introduce end to end process coordination with a pool of organized bots. The vision is to incorporate intelligent automation to orchestrate standardized processes across business units to increase collaboration.

At Elevondata, we enable organizations to build automated solutions that help them mature across the process automation lifecycle starting from quick cost reduction programs targeted at customer specific process to intelligent environments that formalize business strategy.

Approach to Intelligent Automation

As RPA Service Providers, we partner with organizations to help them achieve their objectives from automation initiatives. Various stages of evolution of our automation support include:

  • Quick cost reduction – Easily achievable. Identifying the gaps and uncorking bottlenecks in existing systems with automation that utilizes traditional robotic automation processes. Expectations are to achieve maximum value from minimal efforts
  • Process optimization that enhances productivity – Once an enterprise has reached the relative safety blanket of optimizing common processes, the next step would be to work on processes that use unstructured information with the objective that the output would enhance the effectiveness compared to the status quo.
  • Reimagining processes to create intuitive systems – After the organization has standardized its processes, we move towards solutions that are intelligent to make judgments and are continuously self-learning to make sure that it is delivering the best fit solution taking into consideration various parameters within the decision making.

Audit Robotics Management (ARM) Platform

Audit Robotics Platform provides innovation and profitability to enterprise with audit intelligence. the Software Robots automate repetitive rule based tasks at the fraction of cost of human equivalent.

  • Real Time Transaction Analysis - Ingest all transactions from lines of business (not just samples) and apply machine learning algorithms to detect anomalous anti-patterns that should be flagged to an auditor proactively – not months afterward
  • Operational Interaction - Auditors review activities and assign inquiries to operational managers from various lines of business, pointing directly to evidence results package
  • Audit Consistency - Standard and workflow-driven procedures for internal auditors to allow consistent application of Audits across geographies and lines of business
  • Audit Reporting and Analytics - Building Search Queries Engine to extract meaning full information with data discovery and descriptive (text/word) Analytics from different sections of Audit Reports

Elevondata Compliance Intelligence Management

Compliance Intelligence Management Platform helps enterprises to easily keep in pace with the complex & changing regulations to reduce risks, cost of compliance, and resulting fines.

  • Regulatory Compliance Data - Ingest regulatory bodies to aggregate regulations /guidelines/amendments and apply machine learning to generate taxonomies and N-Grams.
  • Customer Compliance - Track the enormous amount of compliance required for customers for each country where these companies do business.
  • Product and Competitor Compliance - Monitor the global progress of external approvals required for new products, and map against internal lifecycle to bring new products to market; monitor competitors’ regulatory compliance approvals
  • Location Compliance - Know regulatory compliance by Geography, Risk, Product (FATF, Basel Committee, BSA, BIS etc.) spanning multi-dimensional requirements from various lines-of-business