Innovations in equipment, laboratory techniques, and data processing have accelerated the rate of change in the Biotech, Pharma, and Medical Device industries. While these innovations have the potential to unlock new high margin revenue streams, they can also introduce competitive disruptions to existing lines of business. Regulatory restrictions, local agency requirements, and approval processes can cause impediments in delivering these new capabilities. The ability to master these impediments and control internal processes to maximize approaches to these restrictions can be a key competitive advantage, to gain an early lead in a new market, or rapidly respond to competitors’ offerings.

Competitive Landscape Analysis

Efficiently Track Product Approvals – yours and your competitors

Tracking thousands of in-progress approvals across your own products and all competitors in multiple geographies has become an almost insurmountable challenge, increasing human resource costs and timelines, eating into agility and operational efficiency. Elevondata has built the capability to ingest and categorize information about all stages of drug and device approval from government agencies around the world. An intuitive graphical dashboard can be customized to hundreds of different views for different users.

Compliance Intelligence

Manage the flood of Regulatory Requirements

Elevondata’s Compliance Intelligence framework allows your organization to keep up with global flow of regulatory information, using integrated natural language processing, multiple data tagging and taxonomy options, and workflow for internal accountability.

Audit Robotics Management

Eliminate Repetitive tasks and Expand Audit Scope

Elevondata has built comprehensive audit automation which can ingest all of your prior audit reports (internal and external), cross-reference the commonalities and inconsistencies across different business units, and allow you to setup workflows for review of relevant procedures and evidence. The platform leverages big data capabilities with the capacity to load millions of transactions that should be reviewed for each audit (not just samples) and use rules to identify suspicious or indicative transactions that need manual inspection.

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