Master Data Management is a key to allowing a company to achieve a single version of the truth. By standardizing areas of data and making them available pervasively to other systems, issues around data quality, reporting consistency, and multiple sources of data origination can be resolved. Vendors offer solutions but migration from existing practices can be lengthy and risky given that Master Data is used for operational as well as analytic purposes.

Elevondata has deep experience with Master Data Management projects and has successfully implemented solutions for some of the largest enterprises.

Elevondata can standardize the master and reference data for your enterprise and make it available to your operational systems-- improving data quality, improving efficiency, and helping you to really know your customers, your suppliers, and your business.

Mastering Provider Data in Healthcare

Legacy Modernization - Improving Existing Platforms

Elevondata was called upon to analyze a Provider Master Data Platform and make recommendations for course corrections and improvements.Elevondata was able to pinpoint deficiencies and make recommendations for streamlining which allowed a large Health Care company to keep up with Payment Processing.

Financial Services Customer MDM

Know Your Customer

Financial Services companies can only achieve the desired economies of scale by developing architectures which allow them to know their customer across all products, channels, demographics and behaviors.Elevondata helped to implement customer MDM for one of the largest Global Banks, allowing them to offer a high degree of personalization in the Customer Experience.